Creating the print book – Traitor’s Run

Deciding to do just about everything in the production process for The Lenticular means the months since January have been very busy.

Of course it all starts with the text, which my editor Nicola O’Shea has done a number of passes on at a structural level and which then received a final copy edit.

While that was happening, I completed work on a couple of internal illustrations for the endmatter.

Once I had the copyedited file, it was time to lay the book out in InDesign.

I then registered the details with the ISBN agency and set the title up with Ingram Spark, which will handle printing and distribution.

Then it was time for proof copies. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s always exciting when the book in your head becomes a physical object.

Now I’m busy doing a check of the proof and sending out review copies.

Next on the schedule I’ll be finalising the proof for book 1, setting up NetGalley for digital review copies, meeting with my cover artist and making a start on setting out book 2, Traitor’s Bargain.

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