Scavengers – Robert Hood

Scavengers by Robert Hood My rating: 5 of 5 stars A vivid Aussie crime thriller with supernatural elements Robert Hood is best known as a writer of horror and fantasy and he’s been described as ‘Aussie Horror’s wicked godfather’. But he began his publishing career in crime fiction and also commissioned and co-edited the anthology […]

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Conquist Dirk Strasser

Conquist: A Novel by Dirk Strasser My rating: 5 of 5 stars A rip-roaring lost world adventure For more than a century our collective imaginations have been set alight by tales of lost worlds and the brave or foolish explorers that stumble into them. Stories like Rice Burroughs’s The Land That Time Forgot, Conan Doyle’s

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Aussie Author Month interview

Instagram user @literaturelylost is running Aussie Author Month this April with daily shoutouts to some amazing authors. Read my short interview for this event And follow @literaturelylost for more Aussie authors. Did you always have a desire to be an author, or did it occur spontaneously? I started writing short stories for my class newsletter in primary

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Aliens: Bishop TR Napper

Aliens: Bishop by T.R. Napper My rating: 4 of 5 stars Feels like a middle episode in a longer story. Writing a tie-in novel has benefits and drawbacks. The benefits are that the writer gains exposure to a broader readership by producing a book in an already established and popular intellectual property. If they happen

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What The Lenticular Cost

I could probably have done this a lot cheaper, but I was determined to make the Lenticular books equal in quality to anything a major publishing house could produce and there was also a degree of experimentation in using the various promotional tools on offer to indie authors, some of which proved to be worth

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The Marvels

A lot of negativity has been directed toward this movie and the women in it for months – years even – before it opened. As far as I can tell that negativity comes from boy-men who are terrified of people with vaginas or angry that they don’t have a girlfriend, or both. It’s the same

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Traitor’s Bargain cover reveal

Jeff Brown has created another amazing cover for The Lenticular Series Book 2 and you can see it right now! Learn more about Traitor’s Bargain below. Who can a traitor trust?Earth’s Hegemony controls the surrounding alien civilisations with ruthless force. Their aim: dominate the galaxy to protect humanity.Horribly mutilated during the invasion of Homeworld, Udun

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36 Streets – TR Napper

36 Streets by T.R. Napper My rating: 5 of 5 stars TR Napper paints a vivid picture of a cyberpunk future Vietnam in 36 Streets. In TR Napper’s 36 Streets, part of Vietnam is again under occupation, this time by the Chinese military, but a protracted battle still rages in the south of the country,

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Aliens of The Lenticular Series

The part of space known as The Lenticular is home to twelve sentient species, but The Lenticular Series of books also focuses on other non-Lenticular aliens, including those within the Hegemony’s borders (and in particular in Cygnus Sector), as well as aliens beyond the Hegemony’s sphere of influence. Lenticular Space sentient species Aphsans – The

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Knowing the alien

This is Udun. He’s a Kresz from a part of space called The Lenticular, which holds many alien civilisations. He stands 2.4m tall (normal for his caste, but shorter than most Kresz females and certainly shorter than Defender caste Kresz) and has both an endoskeleton and a chitinous exoskeleton like laminate armour. His body plan

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