The Hidden Keystone – Nathan Burrage

The Hidden Keystone by Nathan Burrage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A marvelous blend of the historical and the fantastic.
In the Holy Land at the end of the 11th Century, Crusader Godefroi de Bouillon prepares to wrest the holy city of Jerusalem from the Saracens. In France in 1307, Bertrand de Chatillon-sur-Seine is about to be inducted into the chevaliers of Christ when his vigil is interrupted by an offer to join the secretive society of the Salt Lines. Both these story strands are connected across the centuries by the hunt for a powerful and magical object and an age old fight between supernatural forces of good and evil.
The depiction of these two time periods is filled with historical and everyday detail that brings the world of the novel vividly to life. Add to that engaging characters, an intriguing central mystery and a shadowy and powerful group of bad guys and you’ll reach the end of The Hidden Keystone eager to find out what happens next.

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