Aliens of The Lenticular Series

The part of space known as The Lenticular is home to twelve sentient species, but The Lenticular Series of books also focuses on other non-Lenticular aliens, including those within the Hegemony’s borders (and in particular in Cygnus Sector), as well as aliens beyond the Hegemony’s sphere of influence.

Lenticular Space sentient species

Aphsans – The Aphsans are one of the most powerful and technologically advanced of Lenticular species. Along with the Telsans, Svestans and Jantri-va they are part of the Inner Council which comprises the core governments of the Lenticular Assembly of Worlds. They are also close trade partners of the Telsans. Physically, the Aphsans resemble rough cone shaped mounds. Their only distinguishing feature is the thick brow ridge that runs just above the centre of their lumpen bodies and protects a band of sensory tissue.

The Svestans are methane-breathers, large and physically imposing bipeds, covered in thick skin bristling with long spines. They are aggressive but pragmatic.

Telsans are short, bipedal, covered in long, whispy fur and sharp-toothed. They’re known as consummate traders and prospectors. Generally brusque in nature. Their home world is Telsus Prime and they have a major settlement on Telsus IV, a molten planet where floating manufactories scoop the abundant minerals from the surface with cities and other habitable areas constructed on floating plates of the rocky crust and covered with crystal domes to keep out the deadly atmosphere.

The Jantri’va home planet has a highly energetic radioactive atmosphere so visitors are rare. No Jantri has ever been seen as they always wear radiation armour when interacting with other species.

An insular empathic species that has little to do with the other Lenticular worlds, save for trade in Tekla, an ore mined only on the Kresz Homeworld that has unique insulating properties over a wide range of temperatures and is favoured in ship-hull construction and mining and other heavy industrial applications. For detailed information on the Kresz, read “Knowing the alien”.

P’vvarni – Historically The P-vvarni and Telsans fought hard over mining rights to systems along their borders, with great loss of life on both sides.

Ophids – Ophid technology is far behind most others in The Lenticular.

Other Lenticular Space sentient species – Dray, Fvel, Gen’sh, Mentari and Ocalth.

Hegemony alien species

Betlaan – Occupying a peaceful world close to the inner edge of Hegemony space, the people of Betlaan welcomed a Hegemony diplomatic mission to their planet. But soon after the rightful government was overthrown and replaced with a puppet government controlled by the Hegemony Diplomatic Corps. Since then the planet has been subjected to sustained strip-mining to extract every ounce of worth beneath the surface to pay for the Hegemony assistance provided during the coup.

Cygnus Sector

A region of space annexed and settled by the Hegemony shortly after the defeat of the K-Chaan. Home to the Brell, Sissilak and Totek.

A reptilian analogue species, resembling human-size snakes but with four arms. The scales that cover their bodies are thick like an armadillo’s plate armour. What the Sissilak lack in tech they make up for in aggression.

Brell – Bipedal but horse-like. Tall, covered in fine brown hair, long-necked and long-headed with long ears. The Brell are the most technologically advanced of the Cygnus Sector species, close to Hegemony standards.

Looking like walking kettledrums, the Totek communicate by rapping a beat on tightly drawn skin across the top of their body.

They’re no more advanced than the Brell and no match for the agessive Sisilak, and yet the Totek are known to have brokered many agreements between the other two species and generally kept the peace in Cygnus Sector before the arrival of the Hegemony.

Beyond Hegemony Space and The Lenticular

Hanloi – A powerful and secretive alien species that inhabits galactic centre. A Hegemony mission to Hanloi space was lost, presumed destroyed.

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