The Final Shroud Nathan Burrage

The Final Shroud by Nathan Burrage
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After creating a lived-in world in The Salt Lines Book 1 – The Hidden Keystone that is at once historically accurate and vividly realistic, Burrage doubles down on the more fantastical elements of his story in the series finale The Final Shroud.

In 14th Century France, Templar initiate Bertrand continues his flight across the land with the mysterious and mystical Salome, pursued by agents of the King of France and malevolent forces intent on the destruction of not only Salome, but of all humanity.

In the Holy Land in the 11th Century, Godefroi de Bouillon struggles to hold the newly captured Jerusalem against the Saracens while his chaplain Hugues makes an incredible discovery on the shores of the Dead Sea. This leads Godefroi’s small group to finally uncover the hidden keystone they were pledged to find. But that revelation confounds all their expectations and reverberates down the centuries, casting the pursuit of Bertrand and Salome in a fatal new light.

This is top class historical fantasy, with a non-stop plot that takes you from the battlefields of the Crusades to the gates of heaven.

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