Publication Log – January

Now that the print edition of Horizon is well and truly out in the world, my focus is turning to the main event, which will take up pretty much the rest of this year: preparation and launch of book 1 of The Lenticular Series – Traitor’s Run.

Book 1 is slated for publication on 1 October, but there’s a lot to do between now and then. Right now my editor, Nicola O’Shea, is copyediting the final draft of the manuscript. I’ll then be laying out a print and ebook version for proofing. These versions will also be made available as review copies [if you would like a review copy, hit me up via a DM on Twitter, Facebook or Mastodon].

In April, I’ll be briefing my cover artist who will design the covers of all three books together. That’s going to be really exciting because the cover and visuals are such an important part of book marketing, and I’m really looking forward to working with my artist. He’s a major talent who’s worked with a lot of well-known authors in the field. More details later.

The other big event will be the launch. Again I have some ideas about when and where this will happen but I need to get arrangements first.

But the rest of my time will be spent in designing and delivering marketing content in as many ways as possible to support the pre- and post-launch of the book. There are so many options for book marketing and you can end up spending a lot of money. But there are also a lot of people out there fighting for attention for their books, and I know it will be easy to get lost in the mix. All I can do is create the most original and engaging content I can think of and use the most cost-effective channels possible. The rest is down to blind luck.

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